The site to Do Business: Who Are They?

The site to Do Business: Who Are They?

STDB ( is a web-based business solutions suite of tools designed to provide comprehensive demographic information, reporting tools, and mapping technology for use in consulting and appraisal assignments. It is one of the member services that make up CIRE – Commercial Investments Real Estate Institute.


The Professional package caters costs $1,495 annually. As of now, this package includes ArcGIS Online, business lists, flood maps, business analysis tools, and 5,000 credits for various programs. AI professionals can benefit from a discounted $800 package at sign-up.

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Joining Site To Do Business

The joining process requires no intuition. They will walk you through 4 simple steps – selection of the appropriate plan, setting up the account, billing, and review. Sign up here –

How STDB Works

The modus operandi of STDB is that of availing a suite of tools to customers, with each aimed at helping the user accomplish a certain task.

If you are in real estate, for example, you can utilize STDB’s capabilities to know and analyze the quality of the location intended for the project, as well as future and current trends that may affect the area.

After you have come up with analysis areas, you can run reports from the maps or highlight the characteristics of a given region using the right variable from the thousands of many different variables available to highlight an array of geographic differences.

Go Mobile. STDB has moved lots of its tools from desktop to mobile platforms. Using your smartphone, you can access the current market and key demographic data.

Share Data. You can use Esri’s ArcGIS tool to create customized apps and interactive maps and even share them with other interested parties.

Define Your Variables. With the new STDB, users are no longer tied down to predefined variables like income bracket or age. Now, you are allowed to define your custom variables for more targeted analysis.

Support for Site Selection Decisions. With STDB, you are allowed to conduct reverse analysis using the Smart Maps tool which can prove useful when streamlining the decision-making process. Users are allowed to view the utmost five variables on one map at the same time.

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Customize Comparison Reports. Ever wanted to compare several sites? STDB provides you with the Site Analysis (which is embedded in the “run comparison report” tool) to make comparisons between sites.

8 Ways to Make Money with Site To Do Business

If you are thinking of starting an online business or making money on the internet, start your journey with these sites:

YouTube (

Find an interesting area or field you are highly skilled in, or even your passion, and make videos about anything within that area. You can set up a YouTube channel and get paid for the views accrued by your videos.

Upwork (

Whether you are a graphics designer or software engineer, you stand to make decent money on pretty any skill you possess. Just sign up, state what you are good at, and wait for your clients.


Are you crafty? Etsy is a place for artistic individuals to make custom jewelry, decorations, or refrigerator magnets for money.

TaskRabbit (

Do you have a lot of time in your hands? You can get your hands dirty by weeding for someone, cleaning a garage, or doing any other imaginable menial job – sign up with TaskRabbit.

Amazon Mechanical Turks (

This crowdsourcing platform lets you perform short simple tasks such as transcription and data processing for brands and individuals.

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ThredUp (

ThredUp lets you get rid of your clutter for money instead of sending it to the landfills

Gazelle (

Gazelle is like ThredUp but for dead electronics. If you have old cellphones or computers sitting idle at home, you can send them to these guys in exchange for cash.

Cardpool (

Get rid of those gift cards you received on Christmas in exchange for cash via CardPool

Affiliate marketing with Amazon Associates

You can market merchandise for amazon in return for a commission.

Last words

If you are looking for a service provider for your integrated market analysis, you should probably try Site To Do Business. Their packages combine combining demographic information, reporting tools, and mapping technology, and reporting tools all of which could prove useful for your business regardless of size.


You can make money online by hiring your skills, making videos for your YouTube channel, or selling stuff you don’t need.

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