5 Easy But Effective Ways of Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

5 Easy But Effective Ways of Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

There are some unique but effective ways of making money with affiliate marketing that not many people currently use. In this article, you will read about five (5) of these methods and how to implement them.

Although there are ways internet marketers employ to promote affiliate products, many of these methods are already well-known and everyone out there is using them.

This article assumes that you know what affiliate marketing entails. It is not the objective of this article to explain affiliate marketing in detail. Therefore, you will only get a summary of the concept of affiliate marketing.

In layman’s terms, affiliate marketing involves promoting other people’s products to get some form of reward, called commission. Usually, you get some unique affiliate links from the seller of the product or service to promote. These links have tracking IDs that inform the sellers that a customer came to their website through your link. You get the commission when someone buys their products or services through your link. It is that simple.

If you want to read more on affiliate marketing and the known ways of promoting them, check out this article. It explains affiliate marketing basics and also details the crucial steps of selecting your niche and platform.

5 Easy But Effective Ways of Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

These five methods that you will learn in this article are not easy to implement. If there were easy, everyone would be using them. Therefore, the reason for their relative unpopularity and uniqueness. These affiliate marketing methods, when coupled with these tips that have helped thousands of marketers increase their affiliate sales, can explode your affiliate earnings.

 Write An Ebook And Give It Out For FREE

Yes, you read that right. Writing an ebook on a popular topic or a topic that people usually struggle to grasp works magic. You can write an ebook on topics like starting a new blog without paying a website designer or developer or how to rank in Google search engine pages top 10 (SEO), for example.

Many people struggle with these kinds of topics and would be willing to learn, Although, you can pay companies that offer these services the promise of knowing how to do something yourself and saving some money can be thrilling. We all know that SEO services, for example, are not cheap. Sometimes you have to pay thousands of dollars to even get your website ready for off-site SEO.

Nobody is saying you should write about these two topics. You can always find ebook ideas from a field about which you are knowledgeable. It makes it easier to come up with a book idea. Moreover, it makes the job of writing the ebook easier for you, and you can discuss your ideas as an authority.

How To Implement This Method

You do not need to write hundreds of pages before you publish an ebook for affiliate marketing purposes. Any ebook with a minimum of 50 pages would work.

You can write your ebook with Microsoft Word and transfer it to an ebook-writing software later. There are many ebook software out there for different computer operating systems (OS). For instance, if you have a MacBook, you are already equipped with a free application named Pages. It allows you to write and publish ebooks in different formats like PDF and ePub.

If you use a Windows OS, you can use Microsoft Word to write your ebook and convert it to PDF with any free Word-PDF converter. Alternatively, you can search the internet for any software that allows you to write an ebook on Windows computers.

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Example of Using Free Ebook As One Of The Effective Ways of Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

Now to the content. We will assume that you are writing about “starting a new blog without paying a website designer or developer”.

If you are writing on this topic, you will mention the choice of a platform (e.g. WordPress), hosting of the website, and buying a domain name. Also, you have to recommend a website theme and plugins that make the website function.

Under this guise, you can recommend your choice companies and state why you do. For example, you could recommend the Hosting Company because of the server speed and their customer support. You could also recommend a premium theme because it is fast and its search engine friendliness.

NOTE: You must register with the companies you are recommending beforehand. They will provide you with your unique affiliate links. Include these links where you want readers to click in your ebooks. This point cannot be overstated — remember to add your affiliate links – otherwise, the sale leads from you cannot be tracked.

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Promote Affiliate Link As A Part Of Render A FREE Service

The second unique and effective way of making money with affiliate marketing is the rendering of free service. This one is simple and straightforward enough. Therefore, we will not spend much time discussing it.

As the title implies, it involves rendering service for free or at a ridiculously low price with special terms and conditions. These terms and conditions must include that your customer must buy a tool or service that you need to render your free service from a designated company. This company will be a company with which you already have an affiliate arrangement.

Example Of Free Services You Can Render for Affiliate Commissions

You can put up an advert on social media, offering to design blogs for only 21 people in February. Let them know that there are conditions they must meet to take advantage of the special offer.

When they make inquiries, let them know that they get your service for free if they buy from your recommended company. For a professional WordPress website designer, it takes less than a day to set up a blog. Therefore, 21 blogs in a month are achievable. If you are wondering why I chose the number 21, I will explain with the following images.

Hostgator Affiliate Commissions Structure
HostGator Affiliate Commissions Structure
FastComet Affiliate Commissions Structure: Effective Way of Making Money With Affiliate Marketing
FastComet Affiliate Commissions Structure


Do you get it now? You need 21 and 20 referrals in these examples to earn the highest commission per sale possible. In this example, you can earn up to $2,625 per month by just installing WordPress, themes, and plugins.

Finally, do not forget to give them your affiliate links, even if you only want them to check out hosing plans and pricing first.

Start a Product Recommendation Blog

Promoting affiliate products with a blog is not uncommon. However, if you want to make significant amounts of money, you need to dedicate all your posts to affiliate marketing. Adding one affiliate link to one out of every five posts will not get you to the promised land. Therefore, you need to employ a different approach.

 A product recommendation or better still, a product comparison blog gives you unlimited opportunities. You can add affiliate links to almost every product on your blog by working with many companies as an affiliate. It gives you a higher earning potential.

For example, you write a post about the Top 10 Hosting Web Hosting Companies, and nothing stops you from signing up as an affiliate of all the ten hosting companies. After doing this, you can add affiliate links to all ten links. Hence, no matter which hosting company your reader chooses, you earn some commission.

Create Helpful Video Guides (How To Use Products)

When we talk about the effective ways of making money with affiliate marketing, using videos does not usually come to mind. Although many people know how effective this can be, the amount of work required usually discourages them. Unfortunately, huge success usually requires hard work.

If you can put in the hard work required to run a Youtube channel, for example, you will be successful. This method is just like replicating the ebook method, except that you have to do this often, that is, create videos for different topics periodically.

For example, you can create a video tutorial on how to build a blog without spending a dime and recommending hosting packages to viewers. People who use this method then add their links in the video description and mention it a number of times to their viewers.

If you decide to make use of YouTube, you have to inform your viewers that the links to those “amazing hosting packages” are in the descriptions, otherwise, they might not see it. The description section of a YouTube video is collapsed by default, thereby hiding your affiliate links.

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Promote Coupons and Promos on Social Media

Lastly, you can use Coupon promotion to earn some good money from affiliate programs. You can use this in combination with the other four effective ways of making money with affiliate marketing or on its own.

Some affiliate programs allow you to promote their products and services using coupon codes. These coupon codes are unique to you. Therefore, anyone who purchases their products or services using the coupon codes you share will be traced back to you.

Coupon codes encourage people to buy products they would normally not buy because of the cost. Therefore, you can use this method alone and still earn a lot of money. You, however, have to take time to read the terms of affiliate programs that offer coupon codes. This is important because some affiliate programs deduct whatever amount is being given off through their coupons from your affiliate commissions.

An example is Hostgator. You can get coupon codes and create your own with any percentage of the discount. However, the discounts you give will be removed from the commissions you earn.

Parting Shots on Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

While this article simplifies these methods for making money with affiliate marketing, the methods require some hard work and commitment. Like I said earlier, if they were easy, everyone would be doing them. Once everyone starts doing something, there won’t be much money there to make.

Finally, don’t try to implement every method here at once. It will become overwhelming and you will easily get discouraged. Pick one or two that will be easy for you and work your way up to two, three, and four methods.

5 Easy But Effective Ways of Making Money With Affiliate Marketing - image  on https://cashflowxfiles.com

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