How to Start a Blog for Affiliate Marketing in 2021

How to Start a Blog for Affiliate Marketing in 2021

There are multiple ways of making money on the internet by using blogs, teaching courses, and one of the most popular choices: Affiliate Marketing, in which you will be basically selling through a special link where you will receive a commission after finishing every sale, for example, you could gain 5% of the total price of that sold product, however, it will depend on the product’s category and also in the affiliate program in which are you participating.

However, affiliate marketing is not easy, since it’s the combination of other methods to gain money where consistency and experience matters a lot, for that reason, it’s time that you know how to start your affiliate marketing journey in this coming 2021, and to do so you will require to create a blog where you will be dealing with your sales in form of articles or posts to catch the attention of your traffic, but in case that you don[‘t know anything about these terms, it’s time to change and check the next guide, it will be helpful! Without anything more to say, let’s begin.

How to start a Blog for Affiliate Marketing in 2021:

Part 1: Understanding the Basics (About Blogging and Affiliate Marketing)

Before launching and jumping to the abysm, you need to know a couple of things, what is a blog, and what we call blogging? And also, let’s discuss affiliate marketing more in-depth to make sure that nothing is being left behind. Let’s start by defining a blog, and it’s not more than a type of website or domain on the internet where a user can post different type of content for their audience, the good thing about blogs is that they can be used for lots of things, either for marketing, expanding a company or business name, creating good traffic of audience that will listen to your stories and things like that.

Now, blogging is strictly related to blogs since it’s basically the term that is used to refer to someone that works a lot in their blog and also is capable of making some profit out of the situation. There are many ways of monetizing a blog, the first one and the most popular is using Google AdSense to put some ads that will be displayed on your website theme and when some of your viewers get to see that ad, you will be building a small source of income, with more audience, more money you will be receiving per ad.

Finally, affiliate marketing is another way of making money with the usage of blogs, and furthermore, a blogger will one of the users that will be using this strategy as a way of monetizing their blog, now you understand the relationship between these 3 terms, and as it was explained at the beginning of the article, with affiliate marketing programs you will be receiving special links that will cut out a commission for every sale that you make, however, you need to decide a niche for your blog, so let’s talk now about the Part 2 which will be more focused on knowing and discovering the ways of building your own blog.

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Part 1.5: The Importance of Training Courses in Affiliate Marketing and Blog Business (Entre Institute)

It’s impossible to explain everything about the basics in a single guide, for that reason, you can always check some training courses like the ones that offer the Entre Institute where you will learn everything about Affiliate Marketing to the point where you won’t be needing any guide in the future since everything will be detailed and drastically explained in the course. Jeff Lerner is one of the leaders or CEO of the Entre Institue, and he is knowing for being the man that has been building and forming a lot of successful bloggers and strategist in marketing, one of his more impressive achievements is making millions of dollars by using the internet as his main source of income, so it’s important that you learn this kind of things

Part 2: Building your Blog in 2021.

Thankfully, these actual days, there are lots of apps and tools that can be used to build a blog without even knowing how to code! And is a fact that using WordPress or even Wix it’s possible to start your business without too much effort and money, so let’s discuss something important before even building themes and writing articles, what is your general niche? Wait, you don’t have one? Well, that is a problem, so let’s get to know why you need one and how to decide.

Part 2.3: What is a niche and How to Decide One.

A niche is basically the general topic of your website or blog, for example, a blog that is based on cars and auto repairs can be considered a cars lover or cars enthusiast niche since it will be talking about things that only can be found in that general topic, with that being said, is kind of obvious that you need to select a niche to start reducing the amount of endless content that can be put if you don’t have a good order of your ideas, for that reason, it’s important to decide a niche before even start looking for hosting.

Selecting a niche is not too difficult since you need to look for certain things, the first one being the detailed level of competence and rivals that you will have in the market, for example, let’s say that your niche is all about sports, but when you check it on the internet, you see hundreds of tough competitors, for that reason, you need to tune a little your niche to something like sports lovers and enthusiasts, n that way, the general levels of competence will be reduced and also it will be possible to add some extra value. Also, it’s very important to check how much affiliate programs are paying for this niche, since you don’t want to work for free, right? Well, check stores like Amazon, BestBuy, and others to check the affiliate commissions.

Part 2.5: The Importance of Having a Good Host (BlueHost vs Hostinger)

Once you have your niche and tool for writing and making your blog, it’s time to look for a host, which will be basically the tool that will maintain your blog on the internet and also, it will be the one that offers a domain and other tools that could be for your usages like SEO translators or tools and even the possibility of having an email for marketing (which wi9ll be discussed at the end of the article) but now, let’s check two hosting platforms, the first one will be BlueHost and the other one is called Hostinger.

Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting platforms that exist in this market of hosts, you can find good deals for some of the basic services that your blog will need to start launching, and also, for a fair price you can get your hands into the monthly or yearly license of hosting that will offer some extra services that could boost up your adventure. On the other hand, Hostinger is a great rival of BlueHost since you can have very similar capacities and services, with the difference that some users prefer BlueHost for its great reviews and experience, however, that doesn’t make Hostinger a bad guy at all, since it offers hosting, SEO tools, domains and other things that will catch your interest.

In general, a host platform is required to maintain your blog alive on the internet, and with the combination of your niche and tools for writing the articles, you are basically done and prepared for the adventure, now you just need to build some good quality content before getting into the special Affiliate program to show them p[roof that your blog is well made and also capable of handling the requirements of the affiliate programs, so give yourself like a month of building articles and reviews to actually ask for affiliate links, but we are not finished yet, let’s see the last part.

Part 3: About Marketing and Email Marketing Software (Aweber)

There are lots of blogs on the internet, and for that reason, it;’s important to know how to get yourself discovered by other users in the case that you want to build good traffic, so, there are multiple ways of being popular in blogging, there are some good and budget-friendly options like Social Media where you need to build a business account or even a personal account for your blog where you will be posting (not in a spammy way) fresh content that can be found exclusively on your blog, in that way you can become recognized, also Youtube is a good idea since you can make some reviews about the product that you want to sell through Affiliate Marketing.

However, the best possible way is using Email Marketing Software like Aweber where you can build some Email templates and start a campaign of promotion where your emails will be leading to other users’ accounts, and in case that they are interested you can get recognized for your work. In this email software, you can make some good movements, and overall, it will be a good investment for your growing blog, remember, being patient is important in every moment, work harder than others and you can start seeing the good and fresh results of blogging and affiliate marketing, this 2021 will be the perfect year for you to start your journey, good luck!

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