The Best Online Business to Start in 2020 if you are a Beginner

The Best Online Business to Start in 2020 if you are a Beginner

Starting an online business these days is not easy but at the same time not impossible, and since a lot of people always want to make a side hustle or a good amount of money without depending on their 9 to 5 jobs or anything else, online businesses are a good way of achieving those desires of having something extra at the end of the month, for that reason, if you don’t want to pass at least 4 months or more learning trading stocks or even other more complicated online business strategies, then stay tuned to learn which ones are the best beginner-friendly options to start in 2020 without losing your mind in complicated or impossible tasks, let’s begin.

The Best Online Business to Start in 2020 if you are a Beginner:

Business #1: Blogging.

It may be true that blogging is a very popular business idea that counts with hundreds of users around the world and lots of them can be your competence if you are entering their same niche territory, for that reason, you should learn the basics of blogging and start making some good money without too much effort or practical knowledge, for example, if you like dogs, you could start a blog that talks about your dogs experience, your favorite dog’s breeds and multiple tips or tutorials that could be useful for the visitors of that website, and after you manage to build a good amount of organic traffic of visitors, you may want to start monetizing your work with Google’s Adsense or others methods that will be discussed in next business ideas of this list.

Starting a blog is not easy if you are new in this field, but is not complicated at all, you can learn the basics in a couple of hours without wasting any money on any courses or things like that if you don’t count on enough capital to invest in that matter, and the good thing about that basic knowledge is the fact that it will be more than enough to launch your blog and start writing articles to start generating some extra income at the end of the month.

Also, let’s not forget that blogging comes with multiple benefits like the possibility of having a lot of expansion in the business, you don’t need to create a single blog, you can create lots of them in your name, and even hire someone to write the articles for you while that is making a god making a good amount of money and you just need to pay that person a good percentage of the gains to maintain everyone happy as ever, and with that, you won’t need any 9 to 5 job in your life once again, however, don’t be greedy, start with a single blog, and stay with that niche for a long time until you see that you can start expanding to other niches as well with the help of a team, but you can do this with your knowledge without any problem.

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Business #2: Affiliate Marketing (Entre Institute)

If you are using the previous business idea then you should combine it with this one which receives the name of affiliate marketing, a marketing technique in which you as a blogger or writer will make a review of a certain product that will be available in external online stores that counts with an affiliate program like Amazon, BestBuy, and some others, and after you write your review or post, you can add a special link which will redirect the user to that certain product to buy it at the determined store, however, that is not everything, the good thing is the fact that those who buy the product with your special link will receive their product like always and you will be ending with a commission for making that sale of a certain percentage of the product’s cost, it could be 5% and even 15% depending on the product.

The reason why blogging is so famous and profitable is thanks to affiliate marketing since most money will be obtained by that method of marketing, for that reason, is important that you always aim for this special program if you want to start making a good amount of money with your blog’s effort and work, however, while this method can be easy to learn, you may want some extra knowledge in the online business experience, and that is when you can go to online courses that prepare your mind in these aspects of professionalism, mentality and even psychology, one of those options is called Entre Institute, an online business that aims to teach everyone that joins the course the secret of this online business world and how to be successful on it.

Entre Institute courses are redirected and created by their owner, which is Jeff Lerner, a person who is very famous on the web for making more than 5 million dollars in online business techniques and their students tend to become very successful entrepreneurs thanks to his teaching and learning techniques that can be only obtained in the Entre Institute, so it doesn’t matter if it’s something like affiliate marketing or other complicated online business ideas, you can select some special types of courses depending on your taste and needs to start watching the true potential of yourself and the online world, don’t lose the opportunity and join this Institue right now before it’s too late!

Business #3: Social Media Business (Influencers)

The power of social media on its nature, you don’t need a whole book of knowledge to start making some profit out of these social media by being an influencer that creates multiple contents to share it with a type of audience that will feel relatable with you and after you gain some trust with your followers you can start adding some sponsors or affiliate marketing strategies to start building a good source of income by just using your work, voice, and thoughts of society in some aspects, so it’s not impossible to start in your influencer’s road.

Business #4: Youtube Channel.

Another way of taking advantage of social media is by creating a Youtube Chanel, and while this may sound very repetitive and boring at this point in youtube’s history, it’s still a good way of building a good profit at the end of the month by just being yourself without working under the orders of someone while doing whatever you want to with your channel, the difficult thing will be your beginning since there is a lot of competence in almost every niche of Youtube, but that doesn’t make it an impossible idea, you just need to follow your passion and post content on Youtube to start building good traffic of viewers that later will become your subscribers if you continue with the good content, after that, you can enter the special program of partnerships to start gaining a percentage of money with your number of views.

Business #5: Teaching or making Courses.

There are lots of people around the world that want to learn something new without going to annoying school lessons or things like that, for that reason, they pay for an online course that provides the exact knowledge that they are looking for and they decide when and how to learn it at their way, now just think of that possibility for a minute, why don’t you try to sell your knowledge as a way of teaching everyone around the world that is interested your teaching topics, and the good thing about it is the fact that you can rely on lots of platforms to make this happen without too much problem and without being a professional which is always good for beginners.

There are technically two ways of making courses, with videos or with audios, for example, if you want to teach something like making a blog you need to create a video to teach properly and to take advantage of the video material to teach everything easily and to answer more question, however, if you want to teach a new language to others, you can just rely on audios as a way of making a conversation to the one who is hearing the audio and everyone could learn with that by using it as a podcast or by doing something else like cooking or cleaning dishes, now speaking of the podcast, you may want to hear the last business idea to finish this mighty list.

Business #6: Podcasts.

The ultimate method of online business or gaining money by taking advantage of your voice and minor knowledge on something specific in an audio compilation of you just talking about something specific with a group of people or even with yourself, now podcasts can be pretty useful for the ones who are hearing it because it can be used by doing other things to maintain focused and to make everything less boring by hearing something interesting that could develop the knowledge and skills of someone by just hearing someone who knows what is doing, also, if you are the one who is making the podcast you can receive a lot of sponsors and start making a lot of money by posting the podcast in lots of websites or apps that pay for this, it;’s a good way of taking advantage of the internet while helping someone and making money as a beginner, just stay safe and be useful while maintaining your manners toward others in the platform, good luck!

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