How to make money with YouTube in 2020

How to make money with YouTube in 2020

Make money with YouTube: YouTube has become very popular all around the globe due to a digital shift in our lifestyle. Several people are making an income on YouTube. It is not exclusive to top-grade musicians or professionals but to anyone who is looking for this opportunity. The only thing is a zeal to do it and little knowledge in recording and editing. But what do you need to get started? A computer that is equipped with video editing software and a decent video recording device like a DSLR or a mobile is sufficient to get started. However, a strategic approach is needed to make it big.

To make money on YouTube, begin by opening a YouTube channel. Grab and grow the family with quality content, subscribers, and views. You need not access every single strategy right away, but grow your audience and implement them gradually.

Let us look at some strategies on how to make money on YouTube in 2020:

Get into a Partner Program with YouTube-YPP

Monetize the content of your channel through the ad-revenue program. Open a Google Ad Sense account. You should be 18 yrs or over, 1k plus subscribers, situated in program available area, adhere to monetization policies of YouTube or your channel being ad-friendly and 4k plus of watch hours in a year. Once accepted payment is done through the Ad sense account.

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Merchandise sale

Link your store products or your e-commerce site to your YouTube channel videos. This will enhance your merchandise sale. However, ensure it is listed on the approved sites. Being 18 plus and having 1k plus subscribers are the eligibility requirements.


Linking your channel to crowdfunding cards from approved sites can lead your campaigns. Say, you are having a product to get a fund on a crowdfunding site, then, you can use your YouTube channel to showcase the product features to promote it.


For a YouTuber having plenty of subscribers and running very high-quality content such as training, marketing, etc., charging their subscribers for membership is another option. Being 18 plus, having 30k plus subscribers (for gaming-1k plus) and YPP linked are eligibility requirements. If eligible, the “Memberships” tab can be seen on your admin page.

Influencer Marketing

Leverage through a social page with a good number of followers through influencer marketing. This will pay you for sponsored content that is uploaded on your YouTube channel. The pay is directly from the sponsored brands and not through either Ad-sense or YouTube. Your channel doesn’t need to be a part of YPP and no minimum views or subscribers required to get paid through influencer marketing. The only requirement is to adhere to guidelines for a paid product or ad placement by YouTube. Check the box label “video contains paid promotion.” Start with free or low-priced products. After sufficient establishment, long-term paid brand promotion can be taken up.

Affiliate Programs

This is similar to influencer marketing but here you are paid through a referral site given to you. Anyone who purchases or signs up through your referral link gets a discount and you get paid at every sign-up.

Remember, your YouTube channel generates profit based on the number of views and your niche/strategy. So, choose wisely to make it big on YouTube.

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