AWeber Review: Pros And Cons

AWeber Review: Pros And Cons

AWeber has stood firm since the time of its creation in 1998. The company has since then grown to employ over 100 employees. It all started from Kulzer’s apartment but it has advanced to set its root at large facility offering slides as great alternatives to common elevators. But then what is AWeber?

What is AWeber?

This is the leading email marketing software for small businesses. It has operated for two centuries helping several customers to connect to their prospects reliably. It is the leading US-based customer support software with the ability to create responsive landing pages, sending amazing emails, loading and managing contacts, and also analyzing every results that chips in without much tech whiz.

The program works closely with over 1000 partner software solutions to allow different users to integrate seamlessly with different apps and services they rely on for their growth and operations.

AWeber pricing

There is a 30-day free trial to users who attain 500 subscribers at large. There is a list-based plan available after the introductory month. Users with prepaid plans of 3 months to this save $8 while those who do this on an annual basis will enjoy $34 savings.

However, AWeber started the inclusion of a credit card to users who use the trial plan. So, after a month if you felt you don’t want to stick to it, it’s better to manually cancel it.


The program got designed with superb features, especially for autoresponders. Below are some of the features it incorporates;

1) Editor

The WYSIWYG drag and drop editor are providing over 700 templates to users at large. All these use the responsive design to view everything displayed on mobile devices. Likewise, users have the opportunity to code their own templates in HTML or create messages in plain text format.

2) The follow-up series

Users also have an opportunity of creating chains of autoresponders all through. Intervals between the messages can be set to up to 999 days at large. You can also start subscribers if you wish at different points. Each of your lists can be set up by separate follow-up series as you copy them as they pop up between lists.

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3) List segmentation

Subscribers would love the most tailored content all through. Users can segment their lists to deliver their clients this. Any criteria can be employed to segment lists, this can be even by let’s say the birthday month, individuals who specify their interest on the signup form, or even their location.

4) Send windows

Based on the time zone of a subscriber, you can schedule everything to be sent at a particular time of the day. Since subscribers can be from different parts of the world, this is a nice feature to get alerted when they are present.


  • Offers several templates
  • Full of customizable features
  • Offers excellent customer service
  • Ease to use


  • Charge high monthly rates


 AWeber is excellent in many areas especially to businesses that employ autoresponders. Everything can work in the background as you take on other important activities at large. It has excellent features that make it a step high to consider.

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